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Eco Jungle (El Chuncho & Lake Sandoval)

5 Days | 4 Nights


This is the best option for people who want to experience both sides of Tambopata National Reserve. On this tour you will visit the Macaw Claylick (Collpas Chuncho), the largest one IN THE WORLD; and Lake Sandoval. Highly recommended for adventurers, nature and wildlife lovers.


We recommend you bring:


All tours can be done privately where you can set the departure time, add in or remove sites and most importantly go at your own pace. Please ask us for more information about availabily and prices.

  • Day 1

    You will be picked-up at the airport or bus station and transferred to our office at Tambopata Hostel for a tour briefing. In case you have large luggage, we suggest that you repack and store any items that are not required.

    You will be transferred by land by (4X4) wheeled truck to our destination that takes around 2 hours, reaching the banks of the Tambopata River. We will then take a half hour (depending on the water level) boat ride up river to "Collpas Tambopata Inn”. Upon arrival there will be a welcome reception followed by breakfast or lunch depending on the time of arrival.

    In the afternoon we make an introductory walk into the rainforest where we will have the opportunity to see animals in their natural habitat such as amphibians, mammals, reptiles and wonderful insects, among others. We will also climb a 53m-canopy tower that has a fantastic panoramic view of the Amazon rainforest and where we will enjoy a magical sunset.

  • Day 2

    We wake up very early, at 4:30 am, to go on an incredible journey by boat to the world's largest macaw clay lick “ EL CHUNCHO”, a journey of about 1:30 hours by boat. On the way we will have the opportunity to see some species such as capybaras, which is the world's largest rodents, tapirs, and you can even see the most beautiful South American feline, jaguar, many of our clients are witnesses with photographic evidence of encounters with these beautiful mammals.

    After our arrival to the macaw clay licks you will see hundreds of parrots of different species that come to eat clay adjacent to the river on the wall. We will settle in our chairs to wait for the beginning of one of the most beautiful natural sights of birds in the world. Parrots are followed by 3 of the most colorful species of macaws of America, reds and greens, blues and yellows come to gather to eat clay needed in their daily diet and eliminate toxins. On a good day of activity you will see hundreds of these wonderful animals flying over you. An experience for life!

    Return to our lodge for breakfast and free time.

    Before lunch we will walk through the botanical garden with a professional guide to see tropical fruits, timber and medicinal species in our area.

    In the afternoon we will have the opportunity to kayak the Tambopata River where we will move silently along the river, so we will have more opportunity to observe the larger animals of the Tambopata Reserve.

    Late afternoon/evening: option to do another night walk or caiman spotting on the river.

  • Day 3

    After breakfast, we will go to the mammal clay lick where you can appreciate different species of animals (tapir, capybara, wild pigs, sloths and more) feeding on salts and minerals that contain important digestive properties. Our guide will explain the different techniques and forms of hunting used by the locals. We will then return to the lodge where you will observe other wildlife including birds, butterflies, monkeys (such as spider, capuchin, squirrel and howler monkeys).

    Lunch will be served at the lodge

    After lunch, we will head to the Malinowski River to try our luck at fishing; a great place to catch piranhas, catfish and everything that nature can give us.

    We will have dinner back at the lodge.

  • Day 4

    Today we will visit our organic farm where we will have a guided tour on the variety of local crop plants including yucca, corn, sugar cane, oranges, banana, pineapple, bread tree and more. You can also taste the exotic fruits of the region depending on the season. Our guide will introduce you to medicinal plants that have been used by locals for generations to treat and heal wounds and illness.

    We will then head back to the lodge to have lunch.

    Our boat will take you back to Puerto Maldonado (after lunch or at 4:00 pm) where we will spend the night at Tambopata Inn Hostal.

  • Day 5

    Early in the morning, after breakfast at 9am we will be transferred to the port where we will take a 50-minute boat ride up the Madre de Dios River until we reach Lake Sandoval.

    We will spend the whole day exploring Lake Sandoval, located in the National Reserve of Tambopata. It is the best way to see nature in its natural habitat including macaws, parrots, other bird species, monkeys, otters, caimans just to name a few. We will also have the opportunity to learn about different plant species, many of which are used as natural medicines, swing in gigantic tree vines and appreciate the gigantic trees, some of which are over 500 years of age! Lunch will be served during the trip.

    We will then head back to the lodge where you will take your transport back to Puerto Maldonado arriving between 4.30pm and 5pm.

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Puerto Maldonado
"El Chuncho"
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Puerto Maldonado
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